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Flushing unwanted items down the toilet seems like an easy way to dispose of them. But it’s important to note that not everything belongs in the toilet. Flushing the wrong items can cause serious plumbing issues, clogs, and even harm marine life. Here are some of the items to avoid flushing down the toilet:

1. Baby wipes and cleaning wipes
Many companies advertise their wipes as “flushable” or “septic-safe”. But the reality is that these wipes do not break down like toilet paper, causing blockages in pipes and sewer systems.

2. Dental floss

Dental floss is not biodegradable and does not dissolve in water. Flushing it down the toilet can result in a tangled mess that can obstruct your plumbing and cause severe damage.

3. Feminine hygiene products

Sanitary pads, tampons, and liners do not dissolve quickly in water and can cause serious blockages in your plumbing. These products should be disposed of properly in the trash or in designated sanitary bins.

4. Hair

Even though hair seems harmless, flushing it down the toilet can result in a tangled mess that can cause blockages in your drain pipes. It’s best to collect hair and throw it in the trash.

5. Medications

Flushing expired or unwanted medication down the toilet can contaminate the water supply and cause harm to marine life. Instead, dispose of these medications in designated drop-off bins or through medication take-back programs.

6. Paper towels and napkins

Paper towels and napkins do not dissolve quickly and can cause blockages in your plumbing. It’s best to collect them and throw them in the trash.

7. Cooking oil and grease

Pouring cooking oils and grease down the toilet can cause serious issues to your plumbing and sewer system. These substances congeal, causing blockages and impairing your pipes’ overall efficiency.

Overall, it’s essential to be mindful of what you flush. Remember, just because something fits down the toilet doesn’t mean it belongs there. By being conscientious of what you flush, you’ll be able to prevent costly plumbing repairs and safeguard the environment. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and provide an effective solution to get your toilet flushing again. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Call a Drain Doc Corp today and get your toilet back in working order.